“I was fortunate to find Anne Gordon during my daughter’s last year of middle school when I realized that she needed additional instruction to allow her to excel in her instrument (flute). Mrs. Gordon was invaluable in assisting my daughter in so many aspects of proper technique, audition preparation, etc. We have continued with lessons as my daughter progresses through high school; and I cannot envision her continuing to play flute in symphonic winds and marching band without the individualized training and expertise that her lessons with Mrs. Gordon provide. Not only is Mrs. Gordon professional, but she provides a wealth of knowledge and resources ranging from referrals for instrument repairs and purchases/upgrades to community performance opportunities. She is supportive, warm, and very accommodating as it relates to scheduling lessons around students’ busy high school activities. She has definitely challenged and motivated my daughter, and I would highly recommend her.”

-Sybil Williams, parent of Shelby

“Mrs. Gordon was a fantastic teacher. She really excelled in being flexible, and was willing to work on and towards any goal that you set. If you needed help with a solo, she would help your prepare your piece. If you were looking for opportunities to play, she knew a dozen different places or organizations that you could try out for. If you were looking for general instruction and weekly tutoring she could do it. She was friendly, knowledgeable, with a kind, gentle yet firm teaching style that really builds up your confidence while also encouraging you to improve. I took lessons from her for close to eight years. Beyond the wonderful work that she did with me in the practice room, she also knew every band director, and had music connections everywhere. She could steer you towards the right school, teacher, or group that you would enjoy, and benefit the most from. She is well practiced in working both one-on-one, and in groups and equally proficient teaching both. Going to practice was fun, I liked the pieces that she had me practice, and they had a significant impact on my musical career. As both a person and as I teacher, I would highly recommend her. You get a sense that she cares about you, she cares about music, and really enjoys what she does. What more could you as for?”

-Tiffany Bouquet, former student

I highly recommend Ms. Gordon as a flute teacher. I took lessons with her for 6 years through the end of high school, and she helped me successfully prepare for all-state and honor band auditions throughout the years. She gives great feedback and encouragement!

-Jenna Embrey, former student

Anne is a fantastic instructor who has helped my daughter for the last 4 years become an amazing flutist! My daughter looks forward to her lessons and they are very affordable. I would highly recommend Anne.

-Lisa Herring, parent of Claire