June 2nd Recital Information


Sunday, June 2, 2019
2:00 pm
Sterling Estates West Cobb
3165 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA 30064


SEATING. Please plan to be in a seat in the audience with your flute put together and music with you by 1:50 pm. You are welcome to sit with your family and friends. After you play, please return to your seat and plan to pack your flute up AFTER THE RECITAL IS OVER.

DRESS. Please dress nicely, being respectful of both what you are doing (performing in public) and where you are (for many Sterling residents, this area serves as their formal living room). Church-type clothes (pants and a polo or dress shirt for gentlemen; nice pants/skirt and a shirt or a dress for ladies) would be ideal. You do not need to wear concert black or your band uniform.

SHOES. Practice playing standing up in the shoes you plan to wear for the recital. For ladies this is really important especially if you are not used to playing in heels. They definitely change the balance of your instrument.

BEFORE YOU PLAY. I will introduce you and your music to the audience. When you come up, SMILE! Look at the piano player and give her a little nod. This will let her know that you are ready to begin.

WHLE YOU PLAY. Deep breaths. Count your measures of rest. If a mistake happens (and it will), KEEP GOING! The piano player will find you. Do NOT try to find her.

AFTER YOU PLAY. Keep your flute up in playing position for several seconds after your last note. Then bring it down. SMILE again! Look over at the piano player and give her an even bigger smile. Finally, take a bow from the waist. Now you may return to your seat.

AFTER THE RECITAL. Take a few minutes and speak to several of the Sterling residents who came to see you perform. I’m sure some of them will want to tell you how fabulous you were! Then pack up your stuff and head to my house for the after party. Here’s a link to the evite, and please make sure your family has RSVPed.


QUESTIONS. Please do your best to ask any questions during our rehearsal on Saturday, June 1st. If you think of something after your rehearsal, please text or call me instead of waiting until we arrive on Sunday afternoon.

****PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. Parents, you are welcome to take pictures or videos of your child performing. Speaking from experience, though, if you can do this from an inconspicuous location, it will help reduce your child’s nerves. Seeing a phone or camera front and center seems to add even more pressure for most kids. Please try not to distract others who are also trying to enjoy your child’s performance.

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